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More flexible editability in the Poll Creator

More flexible editability in the Poll Creator

Short, concise description of the idea
Allow a) change of type of question, and b) editing within the Poll Creator

Full description of the idea
In creating polls using the Poll Creator (http://www.livejournal.com/poll/create.bml), I had two things bug me:

1) When you have created a question, there is no way to switch type, if I decide that I want radio buttons instead of checkboxes, or vice versa. While some of the types are not intercompatible -- switching between radio buttons and a text entry block, for example -- it would be nice to have the flexibility of changing radio button <-> checkbox <-> dropdown. The only ways of doing so at the moment are either to delete the question/answers and recreate as the other type, which is annoying, or to remember to manually edit the poll code after "creating" but before posting, which is equally annoying.

2) The "See Code" option leads to a textbox with editable text ... but any changes you make are not reflected if you then edit/preview/post the poll. This means that typo editing, rephrasing, added/deleted options, check/radio alteration, and other changes are 'lost'. (Granted, most of those can be changed in the 'edit poll' area, but not all.) This should either be changed to adapt to the changes the user made (similar to how, on the Update Journal page, changes made in the Rich Text Editor hold if you switch to the HTML editor), or to just display poll-code as text that is not editable.

An ordered list of benefits
  • More flexibility
  • Users don't have to remember for later changes that they want to make (radio/check flip, which has to be done in the posting-entry stage, or any changes while in see-code mode, which have to be done either in edit poll or in the posting-entry stage)
  • I would be willing to give Frank extra cookies...
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • More possible confusion
  • Possibility (with the direct editing of poll code) of having incorrect code -- it would probably need to pass through a syntax check coming out of the see-code mode
  • Some people might disapprove
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