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Implement DKIM for outbound e-mail

Implement DKIM for outbound e-mail

Short, concise description of the idea
LiveJournal should implement DKIM (aka DomainKeys) signatures on all outgoing mail.

Full description of the idea
LiveJournal should implement DKIM (DomainKeys) signatures on e-mail leaving LiveJournal. The reference implementation at could be used. More general information on DomainKeys is available at

Notifications (Schwartz notifcations/comment notifications) could be signed with one signature, password reset/support notification/etc. emails could be signed with another, and mail forwarded through LiveJournal could be signed with a third. This way, e-mail providers that end up blocking one type of message would not automatically block them all.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Less e-mail caught incorrectly by spam filters.
  • More reliable message delivery results in a lower volume of Support Requests and more satisfied users.
  • Lowered chance of phishing or other scams involving LiveJournal e-mail addresses.
  • If all outgoing LiveJournal mail was signed, mail from a spoofed address to another mail address could be caught and not forwarded on, reducing spam for users.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Calculation of crypto signatures for every message would increase overall processing load slightly.
  • Requires some developer time to plan and implement.
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