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Muzicons.com Integration

Muzicons.com Integration

Short, concise description of the idea
Make it possible to replace the "Mood" and "Music" items in a journal entry with a flash widget from muzicons.com

Full description of the idea
There exists a site for which the URL is "muzicons.com". On it, one can upload a song, pick an icon that either corresponds with the song or content of the entry, and customize other options such as color and viewing mode of the flash widget.

Once they are happy with the way they have things set, a block of code can be copied from that page to their journal entry, but at the moment, said code is too large to paste into either the "Music" or "Mood" fields, thus separating it from their journal title and time, which is where mood and music text normally appears.

Expanding the character limit for either of those fields could work, but one might decide to rename either of those fields to "Music and Mood" or "Muzicon", which would have effect on their friends page as well, even for their friends who are not using the service.

As such, simply adding one extra field to the "Update Journal" page would satisfy most everyone.

An ordered list of benefits
  • More compact way of expressing mood and sharing the music you're listening to, for those who prefer minimalistic journals
  • Song names alone rarely evoke mood. Being able to let readers listen to "your" music is an easy way to say "I'm happy" or "Watch out. I'm in a bad mood today"
  • It could be used on a per-entry basis, just in case you want to say something about your mood but aren't listening to music, or the other way around
  • More customizable than current options - color and an icon can give hints towards music and / or mood almost as well as text and a song name can
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Potential licensing issues with songs uploaded to Muzicons
  • Not all users have flash installed
  • Muzicons does not have a large selection of images
  • Muzicons may delete songs after a certain period of time or inactivity, thus rendering it useless in older entries
  • Would require the addition of a new field to the "Update Journal" page
  • It may be possible to make the song autoplay, which is more or less seen as a bad thing
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