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Adopting Orphan Communties

Adopting Orphan Communties

Short, concise description of the idea
A way for members to take over communities that have been abandoned when there is no way to contact the original owner.

Full description of the idea
I'm part of a community where the maintainer's journal has been deleted and purged, so there's no way to get the community's ownership transferred to someone else.

But...wouldn't it be great if there WAS a way to 'adopt' the community without needing anything done by the original owner?

Maybe there could be a request system of some sort. Where you enter the community's name, you account, and the original maintainer's account, and then give a reason of why you want the community.

LJ would then attempt to forward the request to the original maintainer, and if the maintainer didn't respond in a certain amount of days, then the community would be yours.

I know it might be just as easy to create an entirely new community and PM all the members to join that one, but I thought this idea could be useful in reducing the amount of communities that were 'Never updated'.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Less communities listed as 'never updated' (because people would 'adopt' and make use of them).
  • The community memberlist would stay the same.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • If the original maintainer was just on a prologued vacation, or had to go without internet for a year for whatever reason, they may come back wondering why their community belongs to someone else. (*However, a responsible mod might make mod post warning that they were going to be absent for a long amount of time, just to let the comm know.)
  • Might anger original maintainer if they decide to come back under a new account and see that their community has been hijacked?

EDIT-- Hey, guys; thanks for discussing the idea so thoroughly.
(For the curious, the community that made me suggest this about was rarepairings. I quit it about a month ago (check the date), though, and it looks like it's been striked.)
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