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Tabs in LiveJournal

Tabs in LiveJournal

Short, concise description of the idea
The idea is in subdividing all entries into a number of tabs as a user option to structurise one's LJ.

Full description of the idea
I've got an interesting idea of entries organisation. I suggest using tabs. The idea is in subdividing all entries into a number of tagged tabs as a user option, for example, 1) common, 2) parties, 3) images, 4) hobbies, or 1) personal, 2) work, 3) weekends, 4) sports, etc. Each user could create his/hers own tabs in his/hers own LJ.
The reason I am suggesting this is the unsufficiency of tags. Sometimes LJ is getting unstructurised and it is getting hard to find something, don't you think?
Concerning the realisation, I know that it is not hard to implement in LJ, because tabs are simple elements of programming. Believe me, I am a programmist.

Concider tabs in LJ a division into classes. Like in object-oriented programming: writing all code in one file is regarded as a mauvais tone ;-)

An ordered list of benefits
  • a clearer structure of LJ
  • more possibilities for a user
  • a brand new idea (I haven't seen such solution in any other journals' client)
  • providing more flexibility for the users
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • probably more time for downloading pages, meaning switching between the tabs
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