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"Super-Maintainer" Option For Communities

"Super-Maintainer" Option For Communities

Short, concise description of the idea
Offer a "Super-Maintainer" option for communities in which Maintainers can edit the content of any post made.

Full description of the idea
I am a member of a large LiveJournal community. This community has ~200 posts, 300+ posts appearing in the moderation queue, and thousands of comments each and every day.

With the volume of entries made on the community, it would be helpful if there were a "Super-Maintainer" option in which maintainers can edit the content of any post made. Being able to edit the content would give maintainers the ability to fix LiveJournal cuts and embedded content as needed.

This ability would be useful as the moderation queue does not always properly reflect what a post will actually look like once posted. LiveJournal cuts may appear to be proper in the preview, but is not functional once approved. Further, sometimes embedded content, such as videos, appear in the moderation queue as a blank space or with the message "Invalid video URL". There is no way of knowing if a video works or if it is set on a function such as autoplay until it's approved.

For a large community, it is an inconvenience to the original posters and the moderators if posts need to be deleted. It would be so much easier if a "Super-Maintainer" could come along and fix the cut or fix the video, instead of deleting the post and the posters having to go through the trouble of re-submitting.

Of course, the edit function could be abused. That is why I am also suggesting a comment to be placed at the end of the post noting when it was edited and who it was edited by. (Much like comment editing for paid accounts.)

Also, having and giving out "Super-Maintainer" powers should be controlled by the individual who created the community and for which the e-mail address has been confirmed. Further powers will be granted at their discretion.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Ability to fix posts (such as LiveJournal cuts which looked okay in the preview but failed once approved).
  • Helps moderators and maintainers because they can approve posts knowing that errors in posts can be immediately fixed. Having to deal with fewer items/resubmissions in the queue.
  • Time stamp so other members know if something has been edited.
  • Can work and be of help to many LiveJournal communities, large or small.
  • Access does not have to be granted to all maintainers. The person who created the community can control access to this power.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Time spent in implementing this.
  • Power might be abused. (However, a time-stamp will let everyone know if something has been edited and by who.)
  • May be more beneficial for communities with a higher volume of post activity.
  • If a community is abandoned by the maintainer who has the power to grant "Super-Maintainer" access, the remaining maintainers or moderators will be unable to take advantage of this option.
Tags: community maintenance, § no status
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