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Make post subjects not be links, as before

Make post subjects not be links, as before

Short, concise description of the idea
Post subjects on friends & journal pages should be bold text, not links.

Full description of the idea
Recently, LJ made a change: Subjects of posts, when they appear on friends pages and journal pages, are now links to the posts. Before, they were not. Please restore the earlier status-quo.

If you want to make this change, or something like it, bring it up for discussion and take suggestions from users. But restore the old behavior first, and then we can discuss whether to change it.

An ordered list of benefits
  • People would be able to see and clearly read the subjects of posts, when reading a friends page or someone's journal.
  • All existing friends page and journal styles would continue to work as well as they have, without requiring changes to accomodate the fact that subjects are now links.
  • When posting a post, you could use the subject to convey information about the post to your readers, confident that most readers will see and read the subject.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • We'd lose the convenience of having a link to each post that doesn't have any URL parameters attached. We've lived without that convenience for LJ's entire existence so far, though, so it's not a disaster.
  • Such links could be added to posts in a way much more consistent with LJ's existing styles, by adding a "Link" or "Permalink" link next to the "Comment" and "Read Comments" links, at the bottom.
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