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Allow Editing and Deletion of Voice Post Transcriptions

Allow Editing and Deletion of Voice Post Transcriptions

Short, concise description of the idea
Users who transcribe a voice post should be allowed to edit or delete their transcription; owners of a voice post should also be allowed to delete other users' transcriptions.

Full description of the idea
Currently, voice post transcriptions cannot be edited or deleted, by anyone. Also, each user - apart from the one who posted the voice post - is only allowed to transcribe it once. This can lead to problems such as the transcriber making a typo, but being unable to fix it, or to a situation where users post inaccurate, hostile, or spammy transcriptions, and the owner is unable to remove them.

I propose that users who transcribe a voice post should be allowed to edit their transcription. For transcribers who are not the owner of the voice post, this should replace their original transcription rather than count as a new one, since the number of transcriptions per voice post is limited. For the owner of the voice post, editing is less of a concern because users can transcribe their own voice posts more than once, but I see no reason not to offer this option to the owner of the voice post as well. An idea similar to this was submitted previously, in January 2004.

In addition, both the transcriber and the owner of a voice post should have the option to delete an undesired transcription. An idea similar to this one was originally submitted in November 2003.

An ordered list of benefits
  • The ability to correct mistakes in transcriptions after they have been initially saved.
  • The ability to remove content one has provided from someone else's journal if one no longer wants it there.
  • The ability to remove undesired content from one's own journal.
  • People will be more willing/likely to transcribe voice posts if these abilities are implemented, and this is a good thing for accessibility reasons (transcriptions allow people who cannot play or listen to voice posts to be able to access their content).
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • People might not want the journal owner to be able to delete their transcriptions.
  • The journal owner might not want transcribers to be able to delete transcriptions.
  • Should there be limitations on/indications of edits, as with comment edits? For example, should people be allowed to edit their transcription after there has been a subsequent transcription from someone else?
  • This could lead to confusion about what exactly constitutes a separate transcription of a voice post (counting toward the transcription limit), and when a transcription should be edited versus when a new transcription should be made.
  • I am not sure how easy this would be to integrate into the existing voice post transcription interface.
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