Carrie: she tampered in God's domain (coffeechica) wrote in suggestions,
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Administrative announcement

Friends, users, countrymen (& -women) (& -otherkin)...

The time has come for me to step down as the leader of suggestions. Poor time management has caught up with me and I've got to accept that I have to devote more focused time to my other staff duties.

At the end of this week, we're turning Suggestions back into its former peer-managed format. Staff and users alike will be welcome to post here, to toss up ideas, to talk about what you'd like to see on LiveJournal. I am remaining the staff contact member for this project, but will be handing primary day-to-day control over to azurelunatic, who has been a godsend to this project and really she just needs me to get out of her way already. ;-) boredinsomniac will be remaining on as her capable co-maintainer, and I've told the two of them they may add as many moderators as they believe will be helpful in running the community, so if you feel that you'd enjoy going through 2000+ entries to look for something you know was suggested and you can't find anywhere, there might be opportunity for you to assist as well.

I know some of you might be concerned that going back to a peer-managed community will mean that staff will check out entirely on the community, but this won't be the case. I don't have time to review the queued entries, check for duplicates, things like that, but I absolutely will still be reading the posted entries and responding where I can. And more staff members than ever are actively reading suggestions and bringing up what you say in our internal communities. We will still be here; we'll still be listening.

Before I formally pass the reins to Azz (Friday? Friday sounds good), I've got a few more internal things to handle, and since it's now been a year of LJI I'd like to do one more of these polls so we can hand the Product team our 2009 Wishlist. So if you like, start gathering your most-wanted suggestion links here in the comments so that I can have them ready to go in the entry when I do the poll.

(By the way, on that list from this past year, I wanted to let you know that Journal Search and the Directory overhaul are almost done! I've been told "soon" by two separate sources and so my fingers are crossed along with everyone else's on staff.)

It's been a great two years being the head here, especially because the Suggestions crowd is one of my favorite sub-cultures on LJ. You guys are witty and fun, and genius when you brainstorm together. Thanks for being such supportive users to me and to each other; it's been an honor to serve here.
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