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automatic post tagging

automatic post tagging

Short, concise description of the idea
automatic tagging based on post contents

Full description of the idea
sometimes I hit Post button and forget to add tags to post, so it becomes hard to find that post later.

It would be nice if LJ had an option to analyze posts and tags belonging to each post in one's journal and then, based on that information, autotag posts if user didn't do that.

So, the idea is that you hit Post button and post is automatically tagged. Alternative: separate button to auto-tag entry before actually posting it.

It would have been even better:

- if LJ could analyze content and auto-suggest tags before posting and, as an option - autotag existing entries with no tags.

- if LJ could suggest new tags and auto-tag based on other users'journals

An ordered list of benefits
  • simplified posting
  • easily find older posts (in case of autotagging existing entries)
  • add new relevant tags in no time (based on other journals)
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • requires extra time to analyze texts and tags
  • requires extra processing power from LJ
  • won't work if there is not much to analyze
  • may require manual tag editing
  • possible mistakes in full auto mode
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