Xtina (the_xtina) wrote in suggestions,

Add a notes section for community maintainers/moderators only.

Add a notes section for community maintainers/moderators only.

Short, concise description of the idea
Add a notes section for community moderators to use to communicate about community moderation issues.

Full description of the idea
Sometimes, there will be issues with moderation - someone hasn't followed the rules for this reason, and so is banned for one week, or suchlike.  I want one place where all moderators can log notes.  For examples:

- fake_mod1 said the following at 11/21/08 12:05p: fake_user369 is banned for one week. see _link_ for reason.
- fake_mod2 said the following at 11/22/08 12:34p: I know that fake_user124 is your friend, but if they can't keep from setting people on fire with their mind, they shan't be allowed to post!

It doesn't even have to be about multiple moderators - sometimes I ban someone and later I can't recall why.  It'd be super-nice to have one place I can refer to for notes like that.

Accessible to maintainers/moderators only, naturally.

(I figure a read-only textarea for the notes and a text box for the entry field would suffice.  Being logged in, I go to the notes page and type in "Blah blah bancakes" into the text field; it, along with my username and a timestamp, is added to the textarea box.)

An ordered list of benefits
  • - Multiple moderators could communicate with each other about management of the community.
  • - New mods can get up-to-date quickly on any notes current mods have created.
  • - Great for flaky people who can't remember why Bob's been banned.  Not that I'd know.  *cough*
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • - Creating the fields and a page to hold this information.
  • - Adding an Action link to the Manage Communities page.
Tags: banned users, communities, community maintenance, community moderation, § no status
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