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Modify "Pending Membership Requests" Page So Updates Can Be Made At Once

Modify "Pending Membership Requests" Page So Updates Can Be Made At Once

Short, concise description of the idea
Modify the "Pending Membership Requests" page so member updates (Accept, Reject, Reject & Ban) can be made all at once.

Full description of the idea
Recently, the "Pending Membership Requests" went through a slight remodel. The new page, however, does not make it any easier or quicker to tend to membership requests. Maintainers still have to separately view each member profile, then go to bulk approve people, then go back into the pending request page again to bulk reject, and then go into the pending request page yet again to bulk reject and ban. All member changes can not be made all at ONCE.

Therefore, I suggest that the request page be modified again so that maintainers do not have to go back in 3+ different times to approve, reject, and reject and ban. It should be able to be dealt with on one single page.

My suggestions for a new page is as follows:

- Have three columns with radio buttons instead of check boxes
- One column is for "Approve Membership"
- Another column is for "Reject Membership"
- The last column is for "Reject Membership and Set Ban"
- Add an extra column with quick statistics (i.e. a quick link to the member profile that will open in a new window, date created, comment statistics, etc.). These are key factors in determining whether to approve or reject a member. (Currently, maintainers just have a pop-up box that shows the user picture and links to the journal, send message, etc. But this does not give useful information for membership.)
- Have one button at the bottom to "Update Changes"

Here is a quick mock-up for the above-described suggestions:

An ordered list of benefits
  • Ease of viewing membership information all on one page / user friendly
  • More information about members right in front of the maintainer's faces
  • Do not have to go to the membership page multiple times to tend to requests
  • Auto-check behavior can be bad when the browser of the user does not allow it to then auto-uncheck (such could be the case with the current membership page). A change could eliminate this.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Time in developing and implementing
Tags: community maintenance, usability, user interface, § no status

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