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Viewing Screened Comments in the Lynx Site Scheme

Viewing Screened Comments in the Lynx Site Scheme

Short, concise description of the idea
While viewing someone else's comment page in Lynx, I would like to be able to more easily tell whether my comment was screened, perhaps via plain text in the comment header.

Full description of the idea
In all of the other site schemes, one can tell whether their comment was screened simply from the color of the comment header. Blue comment headers denote comments that are visible to everyone, while gray comment headers denote screened comments.

However, in the Lynx site scheme, all comment headers are gray, both screened and unscreened. This makes it difficult for the author of a comment to tell whether their comment is visible. A kludgy way to do this would be to attempt to reply to your own comment, but I don't think it should even be necessary to go through the trouble in the first place.

I am assuming that all of the comment headers in Lynx are unconditionally gray for design and usability reasons, so the best alternative I can think of is simply to include text in the comment header that explicitly says that the comment is screened. There are probably other ideas, but I'm not thinking of them at the moment.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Less confusion on the part of the comment's author as to whether their comment is screened, while viewed in Lynx.
  • Viewing screened comments in Lynx will be more on par to that of other site schemes.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • The time and trouble to code and implement, etc., etc., etc.
  • Slightly more content (in the form of text) to store in the databases and to load in the headers of screened comments in the Lynx site scheme.
  • This might not be a huge priority considering that Lynx isn't that popular a site scheme, or at least from what I can tell.
  • Someone will surely dislike this idea for obscure reasons I am unable to fathom at this time. =P (On a more serious note, there are probably legitimate ones that just don't come to mind at the moment.)
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