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Non-Private Functionality of Friends Filter

TitleNon-Private Functionality of Friends Filters

Brief DescriptionPut friends' filters on equal footing with journal entries, notes funtionality, and memories: accessible to public or to friends, at election of the user. Ability to share filtered groups of friends with other will increase the sense of community among livejournalists.

Full DescriptionCurrent ability to group friends through filters is extremely useful, not only for any user with a large number of friends, but also for assembling cross-user/cross-community groups around some common interest. For example, a New Yorker with an avid interest in LJ development along with a host of assorted friends with no connection to either might use "NY" and "LJ" pulling together individual users and communities under each.

Unfortunately, current LJ structure shows the filtered traffic only to the signed-in user who specified the filter. Any other visitor who is given the URL to the filtered list sees the entire unfiltered friends list.

Rather than simply make all filters completely public, the suggestion would be to rflect the same security levels as are in use elsewhere in LiveJournal: private, friends-only, and public.

Publicly available friends filters might be listed with links along with the user's general friends' activity page or indicated in a friends' groups block on the user information page.


  • Encourages use of a unique and valuable existing feature of LiveJournal
  • Enables publicly shared collections of merged cross-user/cross-community journal traffic sequnces
  • Enhances sense of community
  • Unclutters public listings of friends' traffic for popular users, for whom friends' traffic pages tend to become rather disoriented.
  • Makes it much easier for a user to publicize who's a closer friend than who else


  • Might face some layout questions on where best to show links to publicly available friends filters: as add-on to links shown on full friends' recent activity listing; as new block on user info page (maybe only on full info page); or by making the currently private friends filter directory page open to all
  • Public disclosure of any special core groups of friends might hurt other friends' feelings.


  • Borrow as much as possible from code and elements already in use for similar distinctions elsewhere.
  • Three main pieces, I would think:
    1. Specification and editing by user of the access level for a given friends' filter;
    2. Listing of publicly available friends' filters; and
    3. Handling of the access levels from the viewers end for the different classes of viewer.
    ...except I imagine that's all pretty standard procedure with the similar capability in the other areas....
Tags: custom friends groups, privacy, security, § implemented differently
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