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Archiving as HTML

Hi, this is my first suggestion... I hope nobody's already thought of it, but the archive's not up yet, so I can't check. (Kudos to thren, btw, for pointing me here. Thanks!)

The archiving facility is good, but a lot of people (myself included) would probably like the option for a much simpler form than CSV or XML, namely as mere HTML.

So an archived post would look something like:
May 17th, 2001
9:00pm BST

Post Title

This is a post... yaddayadda

Current mood: hot for archiving
Current music: something funky

I.e., very simple, not of any use for recreating the journal with lots of LJ internal data, but merely for reading in a browser, with text formatting, images and links preserved.

Edit (April 4, 2006): This suggestion was implemented independently in jbackup in 2004. Hooray!
Tags: entry management, import/export, § historical
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