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LJ User LInks

LJ User LInks

Short, concise description of the idea
making certain LJ specific markup easier to find

Full description of the idea
You know... It's really difficult to find the list of LJ specific markup. I know there isn't much, but it would be nice to have the HTML tags like LJ-user and LJ-cut in a list, like the list of usable markup under "more options" when commenting. At most I think it should be linked somewhere on every header or footer. A simple link called "Markup" or "html suggestions"... something.

You may wish to alias the LJ-User search definitions to include all variations... I can never seem to get the correct search parameters and end up searching links manually which wastes my time and adds to server overhead.

I've been part of the LJ community for over 4 years and I never understood why this had never been done before, or suggested before.

I could use the editor when writing, however I know enough about HTML editors to know that the result is bloated with extra markup that is typically, completely unnecessary.

An ordered list of benefits
  • -people will search your site less, thus slightly reducing server overhead
    -Users will be less frustrated
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • You'll have to make a new page with the list of common markups and uncommon markups, and alter your CSS headers and footers to include the link. This really is the only drawback as it will take up someones time.
Tags: comment creation, entry creation, entry editor, entry editor: html, lj-specific markup, markup, user interface, § no status

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