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lj-cut syn feeds

lj-cut syn feeds

Short, concise description of the idea
Enable the creation of syndicated accounts that lj-cut every entry

Full description of the idea
Some offsite blogs and other sites that provide RSS/Atom feeds can have content that's quite long or wide, and might not fit neatly into an LJ Friends page. In a situation other than a syndicated account, you might consider asking the account owner to use <lj-cut> tags around their content, but, of course, that won't work in the case of offsite content.

This suggestion, then, is to add a checkbox to the "Create Feed" page at, which would mean "lj-cut all entries in this account". Any given offsite URL, then, might map to two LJ syndicated accounts: the lj-cut one and the regular one.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Make syndicated content available in ways that don't kill friends pages
  • Give users the option as to which kind of feed they want
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • We'd need a new database field to handle this
  • Any given offsite URL could no longer uniquely identify a syndicated account.
  • The interface for adding the lj-cut version of a feed when the non-cut version already exists (or vice versa) might be difficult
  • There's now a reason to make a lot more accounts, which might bother people who are concerned about the LJ username namespace drying up
Tags: lj-specific markup, syndication, § no status
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