Mister Baltimore (av8rmike) wrote in suggestions,
Mister Baltimore

Screened Comment Display

Screened Comment Display

Short, concise description of the idea
Display screened comments the same way on customized entry pages as they are on site scheme pages.

Full description of the idea
Currently, on site scheme entry pages, when a comment from a user is screened, the page displays (Screened Post) to those who cannot see the comment. However, on customized entry pages (those that match Paid and Plus user's journal theme), a screened comment is displayed like this:
(no subject) - [ljuser img] Expand

(The Expand link only shows to Paid users, if I'm correct)
Clicking on the Expand or "no subject" link essentially does nothing. It makes no sense to me why there are two different display methods, other than the possibility that screened comment display just wasn't built into the S2 Core layer.

An ordered list of benefits
  • It's confusing to people who don't realize the comment is screened and try to click on the links.
  • Similarity in the user interface between site scheme and customized pages.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Developer time taken, obviously. I don't know if this change needs to be made in all layouts, or just in one place on the backend.
Tags: comment screening, comment viewing, styles, § no status
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