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Set Community Moderation Queue to Local Time Zone

Set Community Moderation Queue to Local Time Zone

Short, concise description of the idea
In addition to journal entries and comment displays, extend the "Time zone" option to display the community moderation queue to the local time zone specified.

Full description of the idea
In the "Edit Profile" section in LiveJournal [], there is a section to set the time zone. Once specified, this changes the display of journal entry times (i.e. the time displayed when composing a journal entry) and comment times (i.e. the time displayed when posting and looking at comments).

This time zone setting, however, does not appear to extend to the community moderation queue. The moderation queue is displayed in military time and is seven hours ahead (from my setting, at least).

Here is an example: My time zone setting is "US/Pacific". It is 2:17 pm on September 10, 2008. In a community I moderate, an item just popped up in the queue with a time of "2008-09-10 21:17:40", or 9:17 pm. The two times are out of sync.

Based on the above, I propose that the settings for the queue to be changed to accurately reflect the time zone specified in the profile setting.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Accurately display moderation activity.
  • Better knowledge for moderators of how long an item has been sitting in the queue.
  • Accurate and customized time based on LiveJournal member's time zone settings.
  • As someone pointed out in the comments, beneficial for tracking submissions to community "contests".
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Initial time to research and update coding.
Tags: community moderation, user interface, § no status
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