Shad Sterling (polyergic) wrote in suggestions,
Shad Sterling

Change a comment into an entry

Change a comment into an entry

Short, concise description of the idea
Have an automated way to change a comment into an entry, or make a single piece of writing appear as both

Full description of the idea
I keep finding myself typing comments, and thinking "Hey, this would make a good post". As it is now I tend to just not do it, or I make a note to myself to rewrite it as a post later, which I usually never get around to doing.

I would like to have something like a button on the comment form to "Change to entry," which would allow me to both enter a comment (which is aotumagically a reference to the new entry) and continue editing the same text in a separate editbox as a new entry in my journal (which is also automagically a reference to the comment).

I'm not sure how to handle comment threads.. I think it might be good to have the new entry actually appear whole behind some expander widget in the original comment thread (the expander widget attached to the new comment), and for comments on the new entry to extend the comment thread on the original entry... but that sounds pretty complicated, so just plain simple links between the threads at that point would be enough; it might look like YouTube's "This is a reply to ..." links. Permissions might get confusing too, but with simple links at worst you follow the link and get ~"access denied"

An ordered list of benefits
  • Makes it easier for me to share the same thoughts with more people
  • Less redundency; makes more entrypoints rather than more copies.
  • With the complicated thread-sharing option, it would help drive more interesting conversations by including people who might not otherwise read eachothers comments
  • With the complicated thread-sharing option, it could help provide data which could be used to suggest things like "users you might like to know"
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Even the simple comment<->entry linking might be no fun to implement
  • With the complicated thread-sharing option, permissions could be confusing, or even prohibitively conflicting (unless you restrict the options, which is still confusing)
  • With the complicated thread-sharing option, problems with really long threads or too many participants might be exaggerated
  • Without the complicated thread-sharing option, conversations will be fractured - but at least they'll be linked, which I think is an improvement on the current situation.
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