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Allow Support volunteers to correct point distribution

Allow Support volunteers to correct point distribution

Short, concise description of the idea
Create a way for Support volunteers to redistribute or "donate" points they received for a request if they believe they don't deserve them.

Full description of the idea
I believe that at the moment, Abuse is the only category where a volunteer is locked into a request; if it regreens, they're the only one who can respond. In other Support categories, the request is "up for grabs" again if the user marks it as still needing help. Additionally, points for a request that regreens go to the last person who answered the request before it was closed (though I believe the user who submitted the request can fix points, but I'm not positive). Often the reply to the regreen is just a short explanation or repetition of something in the previous response; as a result, the points for the request may not actually go to the person who did the bulk of the work on the request.

Therefore, I think it would be more fair if, after a request closes, a volunteer could choose to "donate" or otherwise redistribute the points they earned for that request to another person who has touched the request (if they believe that person actually deserves them). An example is here. I got the point for that request, but I didn't really do any work and I feel like I'm stealing bwinter's points (sorry!). In some cases I'll just leave a regreen for the first person who answered it specifically for this reason, but other times a regreened request will sit untouched for a long time and I feel like getting out an answer to a user is more important than who gets credit for that answer.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Giving credit to the people who do the majority of the work for a request, which I believe is the purpose of points
  • Less guilt from people like me who feel bad about snapping up regreened requests (even though I do it a lot - I swear I still feel bad)
  • Less frustration if someone feels like they deserve the points for a request and didn't get them
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Hurt feelings if someone doesn't redistribute points that someone else thinks they should've
  • Too much focus on points and not enough on actually providing Support (though I'd imagine this still happens anyway)
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