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Adult Flagging For Icons

Adult Flagging For Icons

Short, concise description of the idea
Implement a flagging system for icons which are of adult content.

Full description of the idea
LiveJournal has taken many measures to ensure that adult content is not visible to minors. This setting is available for entries, journals, and communities........but not user pictures (FAQ # 281).

My suggestion is when a new userpic is uploaded and also within the "Manage Userpics" page, there could be a box which can be ticked "Adult Content". If the user picture is, for example, an animated icon which depicts two people having sex or that one gif with a camera inside a woman while two people have sex, the box would be ticked and flagged as adult content. (And if for some reason the user does not tick the box, other members can flag the icons, just as they can journals.)

With the icon being tagged, instead of seeing the icon as it is, minors would see a default icon in its place.

Other people, not just minors can benefit from this flagging system. Within the options console (http://www.livejournal.com/manage/settings/?authas=USERNAME) in the "Adult content options" section, an option could be added in regards to viewing adult content in user icons. That way, people have the choice if they want to see adult icons. If they opt out, they would see a default icon in its place.

I feel this option would be very valuable as I am a member of many communities. I am there to read the content and interact with other LiveJournal members.......not to be forced to see people show off their latest "shock icons". LiveJournal's policies regarding icons is somewhat vague and has loopholes (i.e. non-default icons can have any content they want) and I think this flagging system would be a great compromise.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Just extending a policy which is already in place anyway(flagging for entries, journals, and communities - FAQ # 281). Addresses something that was not addressed before.
  • Protection of minors of LiveJournal.
  • A good compromise to LiveJournal's current userpic policy, which does not address the content of non-default icons.
  • People have a choice of what icons and content they see.
  • Since LiveJournal isn't amending their current policy to close the loophole over icons (nondefault), offering a solution such as flagging and options is finally going to offer a solution for those who really want it.
  • People can still "express themselves" through icons while people can maintain the "choice" to see what they want to. Can enjoy the LiveJournal experience without being hampered by people who just want to have a "shock icon".
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Possible time spent in researching and implementing.
  • Some people many not flag their icons (but this can be fixed by an icon flagging system, much like people can flag journals for content).
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