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an application for t-mobile sidekicks

an application for t-mobile sidekicks

Short, concise description of the idea
Making an application that would enable users to access LJ and post blogs, read comments, and read their friends journals or their favourite communities.

Full description of the idea
I have a sidekick and it's a lovely piece of machinery. We have all these applications for the device and it's got myspace for an application. You can view pics, add pics, add people, read blogs, post blogs, etc etc etc.

I like MySpace, but I love LiveJournal more. I love posting on LiveJournal but I hate having to post through my email, where I can't change the friends setting (if I can, it's just a bother to do so that way) and I hate loading LJ through my web browser because the javascript doesn't always work and won't let me open the javascript things to change the settings.

Would that be too out of the question? You could chrage people for it monthly like the application for Myspace does. And as much as people use myspace and buy it, you'd rack in the money for it.

You know, you'd have the blog writing, with reading certain communities and all that jazz.

I hope this makes sense of what I'm talking about. We're all having trouble with the myspace crap right now, and it makes me miss LJ posting even more :(

An ordered list of benefits
  • You'd get paid for the application. Say, you charged 3-5 dollars per month, like they do for MySpace. You have TONS of followers. That would eventually add up. Sidekick might even pay for your application.

  • Lots of people would buy it because myspace is fucking crazy right now and we need something that doesn't have crazy problems like MS does on these sidekicks. Bullentions not showing, pictures not showing, problems with blogs, etc.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • People couldn't hear phone posts.
  • Not enough space to view a lot of a community or a friends journal, etc.
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