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Find: searches accessible from Lynx site scheme

Find: searches accessible from Lynx site scheme

Short, concise description of the idea
Create a "Find: Interest / Region / Site & User / FAQ / Email / IM Info" page that is accessible in the Lynx site scheme, revisiting the prior historical suggestion on this topic.

Full description of the idea
The "Find: Interest / Region / Site & User / FAQ / Email / IM Info" search that is integrated into the more modern site viewing schemes such as Vertigo, Horizon, and even the classic Dystopia is missing in Lynx, and does not have an analogous page available from the site map. This should be remedied.

Three possibilities:

1) Integrate a search feature into all Lynx site scheme pages, the way it is in other site schemes.

2) Create a separate page accessible from the site map, available on all schemes including Lynx.

3) Create a separate search page, but do not link it from the site map, only link it from an appropriate area on all Lynx site scheme pages.

(You can tell I like #3 best.)

An ordered list of benefits
  • Better consistency between site schemes.
  • More love for the users viewing the site in this scheme.
  • Better accessibility.
  • French toast.
  • Posting a suggestion is better than hitting a dev with a frying pan in IRC and maintains the suggestions process better.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • If it's created as its own page and linked from the site map, it will be redundant for other site schemes.
  • If it's included on every Lynx site scheme page the way it is in other schemes, this could increase loading time for users who are using Lynx to cut down the page size they're viewing.
  • Possible higher amount of coding needed for something to benefit only a limited number of users.
Tags: searches, site schemes, § no status
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