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Life of a Suggestion!

Greetings all! I come bearing changes in suggestions policy, so please read closely! (This entry replaces the earlier "Life of a Suggestion" entry.)

The purpose of suggestions is to provide LiveJournal users with a place to discuss ideas for new features and improvements to existing features. This community is maintained and managed by staff member coffeechica, with volunteers azurelunatic & triadruid (comments moderation) and boredinsomniac (moderation queue assistance).

Below is the process that we use for user-submitted suggestions:

  1. A LiveJournal user gets an idea! First, the user looks through previous suggestions to see if the idea has already been suggested.

  2. If the idea has not been suggested before, the user can suggest it by filling out the Suggestions form.

  3. The form creates an entry that goes into the moderated queue for the suggestions community. If for some reason the entry is not able to be approved into the community, the user will get a note with the rejection letting them know why.

  4. Once an entry is posted, the LiveJournal community has the chance to provide feedback on the idea. Be prepared that other users may disagree with you. However, all comments to this community must remain on-topic and respectful. Comments that are needlessly inflammatory will not be tolerated, and commenters who repeatedly flame other users will be banned from this community at the maintainer's discretion.

  5. All entries are re-reviewed by the Suggestions Maintainer after enough time has passed for discussion. The maintainer will then present the suggestions to a committee of LiveJournal staff members.

  6. After the consideration period has passed, the Suggestions Maintainer will leave a comment on each submitted suggestion noting the status of the idea.

  7. If the idea has been planned for a future release, watch the lj_releases community for information about when the idea has been implemented.

Here are some various other "status" tags you're going to see on entries, and an explanation of what each means:

  • § no status - This suggestion is open for discussion, and has not been reviewed by staff for implementation consideration.

  • § under review - The staff committee for Suggestions are reviewing this idea for possible implementation. Further comments to this entry might not be taken into consideration, although a decision has not yet been made.

  • § developer review - Developers are reviewing this suggestion for possible implementation. Further comments to this entry might not be taken into consideration, although a decision has not yet been made.

  • § migrated - This suggestion has been entered into LiveJournal's bug and enhancement database for future implementation. Future comments to this entry are not likely to be taken into consideration. Please see the next section for more information about this status.

  • § deferred - The staff has decided that this feature might be suitable for the site, but is not a priority for being implemented at this time.

  • § rejected - This suggestion has been reviewed, and staff's opinion is that it will not be implemented. If this suggestion is more than three years old, please see the "historical" tag below for more information about having a rejected suggestion reviewed.

  • § implemented - This suggestion has been implemented, with no material differences from the original suggestion.

  • § implemented differently - A feature that fills the need demonstrated by this suggestion has been implemented.

  • § obsolete - This suggestion is no longer applicable to LiveJournal (for example: an enhancement to a feature that no longer exists).

  • § historical - This suggestion is more than three years old. If you would like to re-open discussion on a suggestion that has been rejected that is more than three years old, please submit a new suggestion, referencing the original rejected suggestion and requesting its reconsideration, as well as taking into consideration topics brought up in the discussion. (If your suggestion does not do this, it will be rejected from the moderation queue.)

Deprecated tags include "submitted", "planned", and "listed", as these were all tagged during Six Apart management (or in some cases, bradfitz's management!). Over the next few months, the Suggestions team will be giving these suggestions priority for discussion and possible migration.

Some words about "migrated" suggestions:

There are thousands of ideas in this community, many of them quite valid for adding to the site. Most often, we can't give you a timeframe for when an idea will be added to the site. Scheduling of suggested enhancements is always dependent upon developer availability and developer-assigned priority. If you wish, you can contact to ask the status of the idea, but chances are the status will be "we just haven't gotten to it yet."

Finally, many thanks as always to azurelunatic for being my re-tagging goddess over the past week. We're working hard to get these tags as up-to-date as possible because I know how important it is to you to know where each of these ideas stand in terms of staff priorities. If you have any questions, please reply.
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