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Azure Jane Lunatic

Enable moderated posting for moderators

Enable moderated posting for moderators

Short, concise description of the idea
In a community with moderated posting, community moderators jump the moderation queue. This is not always desired. ;)

Full description of the idea
When a community has moderated posting, anyone with community moderator powers do not have their posts put into the moderation queue, even if they do not have the "unmoderated posting" tickybox ticked. This is not always a desired result, especially when someone has moderator powers because they get to reject posts, and all posts are supposed to be approved by a different moderator before they actually go through.

It would be nice if posting behavior for moderators (and even maintainers) obeyed the "Unmoderated" tickybox. They could then approve their own posts immediately, if desired, but they could also leave them in the moderation queue.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Fewer cranky moderators who didn't mean to post that without review.
  • More intuitive user interface.
  • User interface does what it says it's doing.
  • Could also be used to create delayed posts from a maintainer or moderator, to be released by someone else with moderation powers.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • May be more work than it is a benefit.
  • Changes the behavior of something that's been in place for a while.
  • Moderators who may have been used to being able to jump the queue may not be granted that power by maintainers, resulting in cranky moderators.
Tags: communities, community moderation, § no status
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