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allow/disallow anonymous or non-friend comments on specific posts

allow/disallow anonymous or non-friend comments on specific posts

Short, concise description of the idea
Allow me to set "allow comments" on a specific post to "registered users" or "friends only".

Full description of the idea
For my whole livejournal, I can choose to allow comments from anyone (including anonymous), registered LJ users only, or only my friends.

On each individual post, I can choose to allow comments (based on my journal's setting of who gets to comment, aka "journal default") or disallow them.

For my whole journal, I can choose whether I want comments emailed to me. On each individual post, I can choose "don't email", which is like "journal default" except without email even if my journal's default is to email comments.

I propose decoupling the email setting from the comments enabled setting, and allowing all of the comment settings available for the whole journal to be made available for an individual post.

Journal defaults would still be the same as they are now.

For each post, replace the current "allow comments" with two settings, similar to how it's done on the journal-wide settings page.

"Allow Comments?" menu: Journal Default (default choice), Everyone, Registered Users, Friends Only, Disabled

"Email Comments?" menu: Journal Default (default choice), Yes, No

An ordered list of benefits
  • Occasionally, anonymous spammers latch on to one of my posts and start spam-commenting on it for a while. I like allowing open commenting on my posts, but it'd be nice to be able to restrict commenting somewhat on the old post the spammers are attacking without restricting commenting on my brand new posts that are not being spammed.
  • That's how I came to this suggestion, but it has other benefits in other contexts. It allows people more control over who can comment on their posts. It might allow, for example, someone who generally keeps their journal closed and only allows friends to comment, to make an occasional post to a more general audience and solicit comments from non-friends without suddenly opening up their whole journal.
  • I can't enumerate all the ways in which this would be useful. You can probably think of another.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Other than the coding time required to implement, I see only subtle problems.
  • People familiar with the current system may be confused when they see options that used to be journal-wide appear for a specific post's settings, and may misunderstand their scope. Some way to communicate scope (for example, by making the "journal default" choice more obvious) would be useful.
  • If someone makes specific settings for a lot of their own posts, it will become rather difficult for them to make a journal-wide change later on. However, people may not understand this when they're new, so may be tempted to pick, for example, "Yes" in the "Enable Comments?" menu on each post because it's more obvious than "Journal Default", not realizing that by doing so they're taking away their ability to easily turn all comment emails off at a later date.
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