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Add the Abuse Category to the asking a question page

Add a category for users to submit abuse requests through support

Short Description:
Users can use the Have a question? page to submit questions publicaly to support or privately to webmaster, etc. but not to abuse. Since the abuse system uses the support board now, let users either email abuse@ or use the feature already present to submit problems to abuse.

Full Description:
A lot of requests come to abuse from the support board. Users often don't realize this means they are posting their information where anyone can see it. Abuse requests often contain information that really should not be made public. Having users post to abuse when they should be posting to support is far less of an issue. Security should err on the side of more private, not less. Also, sometimes abuse requests will pick up answers in support before getting transferred to abuse. Usually this is just clutter, but sometimes it causes a mess for abuse to sort out.


  • Better security
  • Easier user interface
  • Makes more sense, since the other categories are there.
  • Fewer hassles for the abuse team.
  • Less work for the support team moving requests over to abuse. (Oh some will still get sent to support, but I think users would be much more likely to select abuse if it were an option)


  • Some users would send support requests to abuse, these could fairly easily be transferred over, but would probably cause a delay in when the user gets an answer. In most cases, it won't be enough of a delay to be a real issue.
  • It needs to be done. Someone needs to do it.
  • Support volunteers and the rest of the world can't get the mild entertainment that comes from staring at some abuse requests in amazement.

Add the category.
Make it work.
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