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Allow tags to contain other tags (behave as folders)

Allow tags to contain other tags (behave as folders)

Short, concise description of the idea
Give tags the ability to contain other tags, or act as folders

Full description of the idea
I moderate a community that is used as a resource, and to help people access information as well as to help prevent the same questions from being asked too frequently we make heavy use of the tagging feature. While this feature is great, in order to keep the tag page organized in alphabetical order we have to use the full "path name" of the tag for the name of it. This creates very unwieldy tag names which can very easily fill up the top of a post, usually with the same part of the pathname repeated several times. This generally makes the tags hard to read at the very least, and usually unpleasant to look at as well.

The ability to put tags in other tags would mean that the containing tag (and its containing tag, etc) could be displayed once, along with the applicable tags contained within it. This would be comparable to displaying a pathname once, along with all files it contains. This would significantly clean up the top of our posts and make them much easier to read. And it would also make the tag page easier to read as well - each tag could be displayed once, along with an indented list of the tags it contains.

Those who do not use a lot of tags could simply use the root tag to store each individual tag. That way they'd display as they do now, and as long as the tags can be moved it will be easy to reorganize them later if needed.

An ordered list of benefits
  • - the list of tags at the top of posts would be easier to read
  • - tags would be easier to organize and manage
  • - it would be easier to use and access the tags
  • - greater use of and benefit from tagging feature
  • - limited affect on those who do not use a lot of tags
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • I am having a hard time thinking of one.. it could be confusing to some people, but I think it's also possible for it to be invisible to people until they look for it.
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