Scott Freeman (scottfreeman) wrote in suggestions,
Scott Freeman

Friend Graph Display

In reference to the latest discussion about the friend graph - I came up with an idea.

In Summary:
The LJ clients have an arrowed display similar to this:
<-> User A
--> User B
<-> User C
<-- User D

This, I feel, is much easier to read and less server load in comparison to the current friend graph. I suggest we have the arrow style friend list in favour of the friend graph.

Reasons for suggestion:
The friend graphs are linked to an external server. As such, are unreliable and out of control from LiveJournal. Sometimes the graph only works if you have 8 or so friends, sometimes it works if you have up to 28. It all seems to be random (maybe something to do with 'off peak' settings?) and causes support issues.

Also, reading the graph is a nightmare. Sometimes, very large images are produced that are just a rats nest of lines and arrows. Near-impossible to read and, in my opinion, quite worthless with large friends groups.

With the arrow style friend listing, as seen on the clients for Windows and *nix, the display will be rendered with less CPU over head and done internal to LiveJournal. It will also me easier to read and more "dynamic". That is - you could include combo boxes to edit the friend relationship of a user (i.e.: <-- User X [Add friend|Remove Friend]).

  • All housed on LiveJournal.
  • Less-to-nominal CPU/Database overhead then friend graphs.
  • More intuitive (edit friends using the arrow system).
  • Easier to read with multiple friends.

  • Needs to be written.
  • Might be difficult to implement. Although the system does exist since the clients do it.
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