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Remove or alter friending limits

Remove or alter friending limits

Short, concise description of the idea
The friending limit does not stop trolls, and needs to be changed or removed.

Full description of the idea
The friending limit was imposed to stop serial adders and other trolls. The problem is that it doesn't actually do that; a serial adder can still add over 100 people per day and unless the serial adder is using a shocking name, most people won't notice that they're a troll until they actually start trolling. (A lot of trolling is targetted anyway.)

What the friending limits are doing is screwing up people who move or rename their journals and need to re-add everyone, large RPGs that require character journals to friend all the others back in order to maintain comment control, and people in difficult situations, such as a friend of mine who accidentally deleted her entire friendslist from her telephone.

At the very least, shouldn't it be possible to make people who have already friended you immune from the friends list limits? That would solve both the RPG problem (provided everyone else remembers to friend the new journals) and the "oops I deleted my flist accidentally" problem.

An ordered list of benefits
  • It would make life easier for people who have a legitimate reason to add a lot of people at once, particularly when it's people who have already friended them back.
  • It would certainly help the perception of LJ as extremely RPG-unfriendly, although really, as long as you can lose every journal you own because of an RP journal, I doubt it will help very much.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Serial adders would be able to add large numbers of people again, but they can still do that if they wait a few days and are quiet, and it's not like serial adders can do anything if you don't add them back.
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