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Update/Replace on Scrapbook

Update/Replace on Scrapbook

Short, concise description of the idea
Add a feature that will allow an existing picture to be easily updated or replaced in the scrapbook.

Full description of the idea
Right now the only way I have found to replace a picture in the scrapbook is to delete it, and reupload it. The problem is that changes the address of the picture.

Scrapbook can be used not only for uploading pictures to show in entries, but also for a variety of other graphics, including web graphics which can then be used for customized LJ layouts.

This is where the problem starts. Suppose a user uploads a header for their site and creates a custom style sheet pointing to that header. Then they discover a flaw in the header they created and they go back and fix it. Since there is no way to just update the existing graphic in scrapbook, that means deleting the original, uploading the replacement, discovering its new address and then finding the line that points to it in the CSS to make the change.

This is just one example of application that would be simplified if we could just update a picture we have already uploaded.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Eliminates need to change CSS to correct a minor problem with a graphic used in a layout.
  • Eliminates several steps in replacing one picture with another.
  • Allows a graphic's address to remain static even if the creator makes a minor change to it.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Requires code to be written to add the needed feature.
  • Requires updates to the Scrapbook FAQ re: the new feature
  • I don't really have the technical expertise to think beyond these two issues.
Tags: scrapbook, usability, § no status
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