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You know what would be REALLY cool? A "garage" for your journal!

You know what would be REALLY cool? A "garage" for your journal!

Short, concise description of the idea
It would enable to you to work on your layout and view the changes WITHOUT MAKING THEM PUBLIC.

Full description of the idea
Many times I'm fooling around with colors and images and it's very frustrating that it's not simple to "revert" to previous custom settings, and it's also not possible to "hide" the changes I'm making until I'm done. I am suggesting a "garage" to store your changes in temporarily -- like...maybe for 24-48 hours so that you can come back to it. Deleting the saved, unpublished changes after 24-48 hours will prevent issues with storage space. Maybe for paid users, we could be allowed to have a couple of layouts saved? (I don't mean themes or theme layers -- I mean something that saves ALL of the information from sidebar to text changes to color changes, etc.)

Regarding the saved Stylesheets and Layouts feature for paid users: I am aware of this feature for paid accounts. However, it's a difficult feature for me to implement as I am not very good at code and I'm especially not good with TROUBLEshooting code.

I am suggesting a more user-friendly method for previewing changes made to a layout by using the customization wizard instead of having to input raw code.

Not every one who is a paid user understands the way layouts and stylesheets work and the ONLY reason I understand as much as I do is thanks to [info]babyelefant but I'm still severely limited by this "feature" because of how confusing it is.

An ordered list of benefits

  • More freedom to play around with a layout because your published journal doesn't change

  • Takes the pressure off to "finish redesigning so your journal looks good instead of in-progress"

  • Lets you look at the different themes and features so you can decide what you want without having to completely redesign your journal

An ordered list of problems/issues involved

  • Possible storage issue

  • Possible server overload with page refreshes to see changes made

  • I don't know anything about programming -- maybe this is a HUGE programming revamp? I suppose that could be an issue. :]

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