theverycold (theverycold) wrote in suggestions,

sidebar boxes

sidebar boxes

Short, concise description of the idea
be able to add two blurb (or html boxes in my mind) or two link lists

Full description of the idea
what sucks is that i've only been rationed ONE link list and ONE blurb. what if i don't want to put all my links in one place? i don't want to be limited to having to post all my goodies in the blurb box.

the sidebar, in truth, very restricted when it comes to customization

An ordered list of benefits
  • -ability to have two separate link lists (of course, all links adding up to max allowed by account)

  • -increased customization

An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • -long time to load if person places connection draining material (i.e. extremely large pictures or videos)
Tags: free text, links list, sidebar, styles, § no status
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