Ashley Faith (orionsfaith) wrote in suggestions,
Ashley Faith



Short, concise description of the idea
Since you have paid accounts it would be a great idea to let us poor people earn points toward a free account with X amount of referrals.

Full description of the idea
You supply us with banners to put on our other sites, people click them, come here, we get points, BONUS points if they sign up for a paid membership.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Once we get a taste of a paid membership (assuming we don't earn infinite referral points) we may be more likely to continue the paid membership once our referral points run out and more random people learn about and come to lj.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • if our referrals don't sign up for paid accounts but we get alot of people to sign up for unpaids, thus still earning X amount of ref. points it could possibly cause you to give out a few paid accounts but it wouldn't be THAT bad, I promise! Or you could just give me a paid account for coming up with the idea and I won't tell ANYBODY! I swear!
Tags: account creation, § no status
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