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Traded Journals

Traded Journals

Short, concise description of the idea
Trading journals should be made a valid, secure option for members of the lj community, with the ability to pass on ownership to another member, INCLUDING resetting the original validated email address.

Full description of the idea
In the FAQ it states that trading journals is permitted, but not recommended, due to the fact that the original owner can later reclaim it from the original, validated email address, and that there is no way to clear the updated email address/change the ownership officially to the new owner. While I understand the precaution of allowing hi-jacked accounts to be reclaimed via the original email address, I also feel that passing on the ownership of an account should be possible with the mutual agreement of the original owner & the new owner.

My suggestion, then, is to have the option of UNvalidating an email address. The process would be the same as validating the address, or reclaiming ownership - the email could be sent to the original email address, and the owner would then have the option of relinquishing ownership to the new email address. After "unvalidating", the originally validated email address would be removed from the account & the new owner's validated email would take its place.

An ordered list of benefits
  • -would enable lj users to legitimately pass on their unused accounts to other users, creating less wasted/unused space.
  • -would provide a sense of security to new users who obtained accounts through a valid, mutually-agreed upon change of ownership.
  • -with the recent elimination of the ability to create NEW basic accounts, this would allow current lj users the opportunity to fully utilize existing basic accounts.
  • -lj users created their accounts. they should have the ability to decide what happens to those accounts when they no longer want them (whether to delete them, or pass them on to another user).
  • -sending an email to confirm the account trade would be equivalent to sending an email to reset the password, thereby maintaining the security feature that was set in place to re-obtain ownership of accounts that have been hijacked.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • -this might mean that current users have to confirm email address changes through both accounts (their current validated email address & the one they wish to update to). however, this extra step could be seen as additional security. or, there could be a check-box on the change-email page that dictates whether this is an address update, or an account trade. an account-trade would have to be confirmed by the original address.
Tags: account management, email validation, § no status
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