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Restore Basic Accounts

Restore Basic Accounts

Short, concise description of the idea
Allow people to create Basic accounts, like before March 12th.

Full description of the idea
Pretty simple. Just undo the change made on March 12th, and keep handling Basic accounts exactly as before.

An ordered list of benefits
  • New people will once again have a very easy low-barrier entry into LiveJournal, free of ads.
  • Paid account users like myself (I have several paid accounts) will continue getting the benefits we're used to paying for. A primary one of those benefits is the *community* - our friends and their friends are here. We pay partly to be blogging somewhere where anyone we want to can read our postings ad-free, even if they can't afford to pay, and can still take advantage of LiveJournal's friending and filtering features.
  • Furthermore, we pay to read our friends' posts, too - many of them would not be here if they hadn't started out by creating Basic accounts. Fewer new people will join without Basic, again robbing paid users of a benefit we've enjoyed until now.
  • In addition to continuing these benefits many of us pay for (rather than rudely pulling the rug out from under them), restoring Basic accounts would partly help restore people's shaky trust in SUP, which is in danger of being completely destroyed.
  • Overall, there are only benefits to this suggestion, and no drawbacks at all.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • None.
  • SUP might think they'll make less money, because they have no clue about what has made LiveJournal work and grow. But they're foolish. In the long term, lack of Basic accounts will harm them, the harm just won't seem as immediate to them as it does to most current users (paid and unpaid).
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