Tiffany (piekid) wrote in suggestions,

Default TxtLJ Settings

Default TxtLJ Settings

Short, concise description of the idea
Have TxtLJ default post settings similar to mobile post default settings.

Full description of the idea
I'd love to see some TxtLJ posting defaults; default icon (it seems something about this is already planned), default security, default tag(s), maybe even a default subject, though I'm fine with the current default subject.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Cuts down on the amount of characters wasted if the user wants all TxtLJ posts set at a security other than public or their journal default.
  • Any user who doesn't like the current default subject can define another default, and not have to use the characters every time.
  • Could eliminate the need to edit the post later in order to add tags.
  • Users could have a specific icon just for TxtLJ posts, and wouldn't have to edit the post to have it show up.
  • TxtLJ posts can be visually similar and recognizable; for the organized freaks among us.
  • Allows TxtLJ posts to be more personalized on posting (they're a little boring right now).
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • More work for LJ employees.
  • The TxtLJ settings page or mobile post default settings area will need to be updated.
  • Probably other things I can't fathom.
Tags: entry creation, txtlj, § no status

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