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Philip Newton

Allow subscribing to entries from a particular user in a community

Allow subscribing to entries from a particular user in a community

Short, concise description of the idea
Currently it's possible to subscribe to all entries in a community or to entries with a particular tag, but not to entries from a particular user.

Full description of the idea
When you click on the pushpin icon in a community entry, it's possible to subscribe to comments on that entry; to entries in that community with a particular tag; or to all entries in that community. The last two options are also available from the pushpin on the community's profile, together with a couple non-entry-related options.

However, I'd like the additional ability to subscribe to entries in a particular community from a particular poster.

The use case I'm thinking of is that in some communities, there will be particular posters whose entries are particularly useful, or interesting, or thought-provoking, or otherwise stand out from other entries, and I'd like to be notified whenever such a user posts an entry in that community.

I'm not suggesting tracking all entries a particular user makes anywhere, nor automatically tracking all comments on all entries made by that user -- just a notification along the lines of "There is a new entry by user X titled "subject" in community Y!", like you get when you subscribe to all entries in a community, but only for the particular user you subscribed to.

An ordered list of benefits
  • For busy communities where one or two posters stand out for you, it's easier no longer to miss one of their entries even if you can't always read (or skim) the entire community regularly.
  • Don't need to wade through dozens of new-entry notifications to find the ones by your favourite posters.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Possibility of drama if people say they only watch entries by posters X and Y.
  • Some people might feel stalked if they know someone is watching their entries in community Z. (Though that's already possibly by subscribing to "all entries in community Z" and watching for that user's entries.)
  • Another straw on the back of the "server load" camel.
  • Relying on this option might cause you to miss fun content posted by other users in the community!
Tags: community membership, community search: 1 member entries, notifications, § no status
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