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Revisiting private userpic pages

Revisiting private userpic pages

Short, concise description of the idea
With regards adult content, and ease of access to userpic pages, we should reconsider the option to restrict access to userpics.

Full description of the idea
Restricting access to a journal's userpics either via a toggle that marks the entire page as 'private' (therefore blocking all access), or by making use of the feature suggested recently for managing and organising userpics, allowing for a 'make userpic private' option included with 'make default' and 'delete'.

It could work similarly to the creation of friend groups, perhaps. 'Make this icon group private', would only allow those icons to appear when manually posted to a journal or community.

Reading back through Suggestions, I see that the feature has already been mentioned, though with an entirely different purpose. I'm not trying to suggest we need to keep our work hidden to prevent theft, but in the same way listing some journals or communities in our profiles may be 'mildly mortifying', some userpics may be better kept private.

Joe Bloggs may be an active and respectable sort of user with a lot of good friends and even some work mates on his friend list. Joe Bloggs might also be a bit of a deviate and likes perusing a couple of shoe fetishist communities with an appropriate, be-sequined stilettos icon to match. Joe Bloggs might appreciate the privacy of doing so without people asking questions about that 'curious' userpic on his userpage.

A suggestion within a suggestion: To offset the protected/private userpic information being hidden, it could be included in the hover information seen with a mouse over the image when displayed in a journal/comm. Information like credits for the artwork, for example.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Privacy options are always welcome.
  • It would be very complementary to the organised userpics feature (that I'm hoping will be approved - oh please, oh please).
  • Complaints about inappropriate icons could be dealt with by flagging / making them private, which may drastically reduce the number of complaints.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Hmm..
  • Thinking about it.
  • Still thinking...
  • Nope. I got nothing.
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