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Choice of Customize Journal interface

Choice of Customize Journal interface

Short, concise description of the idea
Give users a choice between the previous Customize Journal interface and the new interface.

Full description of the idea
The Customize Journal interface underwent a major overhaul, making it quite different from the previous version. For many users familiar with stylesheets (CSS), Style System 1 (S1) and theme layers in Style System 2 (S2) in layout customization, the changes have led to some confusion when attempting to change journal layouts. For example, the tabs previously used to indicate which layout aspects could be edited (i.e. Colors, Text, Sidebar, Advanced) have been replaced with one all-encompassing link titled "Customize Your Theme." This can be problematic for users changing layouts when trying to find a specific section, such as the CSS editor. As well, the Customize Journal page has a tendency to load slowly due to the layout preview thumbnails, even over a high speed connection. The layout preview thumbnails are also very small, making it difficult to see what each layout and style looks like; the larger previews used previously are more clear and load faster.

However, LiveJournal users who may not have the desire to use CSS or theme layers may find the current interface more user-friendly than the previous version. Having a choice between the new interface and one similar to the previous version would satisfy both users using advanced customizations and those using a preset layout. This could be achieved on the front page of the Customize Journal section, by either providing links to each interface or using a checkbox with a "Save Setting" option. The latter would likely prevent any confusion by preventing accidental clicks into users' undesired interface.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Gives all users a choice between a user-friendly or advanced Customize Journal interface
  • For those making and editing layouts with CSS and theme layers, provides easier access to customizable layout sections
  • Preserves the current interface for those users who prefer it
  • Has potential for a faster-loading page if the layout preview thumbnail issue is addressed
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Not sure about time committment required for writing and implementing code
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