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Philip Newton

Put a "pushpin" on a syndicated account's profile to subscribe to new entries

Put a "pushpin" on a syndicated account's profile to subscribe to new entries

Short, concise description of the idea
It's possible to subscribe to new entries in a personal journal or community through a pushpin on the profile, but not for syndicated accounts.

Full description of the idea
I find it useful to subscribe to new entries in specific accounts, such as status communities or feeds, so that I get an email notification of a new entry, rather than only spotting it when I next check my friends page (where it might even get lost if too much time passes and it drops off the page).

It's simple to subscribe to a personal journal's new entries and to new entries in a community by clicking on the pushpin icon on the journal's profile and checking "exampleusername posts a new entry" or "Someone posts a new entry to examplecomm".

This isn't as easily possible with a syndicated account. It's possible to use the pushpin icon on an individual entry to get to the Manage Message Settings screen, where you can then uncheck "Someone comments on [entry title] in samplefeed" and check "samplefeed posts a new entry", but it would be nice if you could subscribe to that event through the account's profile, too.

That would probably be the only possible event to subscribe to from the profile, since the other options for personal journals and communities (posting a new entry tagged 'x', uploads a new userpic, birthday is coming up, has been purged) don't apply to syndicated accounts which don't have tags, userpics, or birthdays, and can't (normally?) be deleted. (If they can be deleted, then I suppose 'samplefeed has been purged' would also make sense to subscribe to.)

An ordered list of benefits
  • Possibility to subscribe to new entries in a syndicated account from the profile.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • None that I can see.
Tags: notifications, syndication, § implemented
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