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Thoughts on OpenID

Thoughts on OpenID

Short, concise description of the idea
What role is OpenID going to play in LiveJournal in the future?

Full description of the idea
I first want to thank you for using openID. I see it as a great step towards a better internet. I recently started using my own openID login and tried it out on your website, but was confused and saddened that although I could log into livejournal with my openID, I couldnt manage a journal. It seemed to defeat the entire purpose of having a univeral login. I was just wondering what role you see openID playing in the future and wanted to just ask and suggest that it could be implemented and be able to use livejournal's services. I am still very ignorant in regards to openID and I know that openID itself is still evolving, but I really dont see the benefit in allowing livejournal to accept openID logins at the present time. Thank you for your consideration

An ordered list of benefits
  • openID
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • it will probably be complicated and take much effort.
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