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Closed communities into personal accounts

Closed communities into personal accounts

Short, concise description of the idea
If a community is closed (only one person manages and posts),give it the option to be changed into a common personal account.

Full description of the idea
The community type of account can be very misleading for closed communities.Some people would try to join thinking it's a collective journal,and then find out it's not possible because it's actually an alternate personal account.
Then,there are people interested in friending an account and don't do that because they think that they'll see more people posting instead of just one person,or they suppose they must join the community instead of just watching it (in my experience at least,I've noticed not many people are aware of that).

An option would be making closed communities a new type of account so they don't get identified as communities but I saw that suggestion was rejected.So,the only possible way is changing closed communities into an existing type of account.Of course,this would be an optional thing --I'm sure there are people happy with closed communities as hey currently are,but many other ones sure would appreciate the chance of using an alternate personal account instead.

An ordered list of benefits
  • People wanting an alternate journal can try the closed community option and if they don't like it at all,use a second personal account with a client instead.
  • People who used to own shared accounts sure would appreciate that option (a minority,okay,but no one warned them and many would like and alternate account rather than a comunity).
  • Communities left with only one member for one reason or another can have a choice and then begin using all the personal features that communities don't have (friends,user pics,memes,scrapbook,etc.)
  • If journal linking ( http://community.livejournal.com/suggestions/733365.html ) becomes a reality,surely it would be easier to do that with personal accounts rather than communities (I'm guessing,of course).
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • It would be a lot of work coding and programming even if it's only for closed communities and so it probably would only be available in a limited way like the name tokens (of course,this can be a benefit as well,as it's money for LJ after all).
Tags: account types, community maintenance, § no status
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