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time-zone on friends page

time-zone on friends page

Short, concise description of the idea
Option to have date and time of entries on the friends page given in the user's time-zone and choice of AM/PM or 24hour format.

Full description of the idea
As a non-american lj-user, my local time zone differ greatly from that of many of my friends. I'm interested in knowing if their entry was recent, as this is relevant to real-time communication, something that lj already try to tie into. Figuring this out is cumbersome today, especially as timezones and timezone settings differ among friends.
For communities, I need the time to judge if "30 comments" on a post means it's a hot topic or a long-debated post.

This option also make timezones more consistent on lj, as I can already choose to have other people's comments in my journal be displayed with my time-zone, not theirs. (See "FAQ Question #156")

The AM/PM vs 24 hour format also appear to be inconsistently handled, though this could be my settings. The AM/PM is used on my friends page but inside communities I see the 24hour clock.

Edit: Discussion with nakeisha brought up that "03:05 (local), 4 hours ago" would convey both how long ago the entry was made and at what time of day the entry was made. Both convey relevant information. The issue of inconsistent time-zone and format remains.
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