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ad suggestion

ad suggestion

Short, concise description of the idea
placement & type of ad (text/image) options for plus users.

Full description of the idea
Rotating ad links. Instead of images use text links as your ad. It's just as effective and those who can't see the ad have a disadvantage if it's a image. Also placement should be a option for all ads. Not just the top & bottom, left & right to chose where the location should be Some prefer both ads on the top, some the bottom, some prefer the left and some prefer the right.

An ordered list of benefits
  • those who use screen readers can benifit the image ad being a link ad.
  • Link ads can be rotated either when page refreshes or after a few seconds.
  • Customize wheather link ads should rotate via a selected time, or when the page refreshes.
  • Customaization for where both ads should be. Users can chose both top/bottom, just the top, just the bottom, left/right, just the left, just the right.
  • If linked, no more advertisement link above the imaged ad.
  • Saves room on the journal. If you have a screen magnifyer it overwhelms most of the screen.
  • If approved, this option should be open to all users who use the plus account type.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Screen reader users can't see the images and it can pose problems for navigation.
  • Screen magnifyer users have a problem seeing thext as the imaged ad is in front of it.
Tags: accessibility, ads, § no status
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