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Full text of private messages in ESN emails

Full text of private messages in ESN emails

Short, concise description of the idea
I would like to have the full text of a private message sent via LiveJournal, to be displayed in its entirety in the corresponding ESN email, rather than just the subject line.

Full description of the idea
(My apologies if this has already been suggested and I somehow missed it; I couldn't find anything relevant when checking the "private messaging" and "notifications" tags.)

Currently, when a LiveJournal user sends a private message to another LiveJournal user who has enabled ESN emails for private messages, the latter will only see the subject line of the private message in the email but not the full text. In order to see the full message, the recipient has to take the extra step of visiting their LiveJournal Inbox, which requires web access to LiveJournal. This is not necessary for other notifications, such as comment emails or notes attached to VGifts.

Not only would having the full text displayed in the email be more convenient (especially for those like myself who frequently access LiveJournal from a mobile device with limited mobile web capability), but it would also be another way for the recipient to have an off-site copy of the message without having to manually copy the text to a file, etc. This is especially important if the recipient's Inbox frequently tends to get filled to capacity, thus losing older messages/notifications.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Additional convenience for the recipient to view the private message (especially for those who may not be able to easily access LiveJournal via the web)
  • An "off-site" copy of the private message that would be available in the recipient's email, in case the original gets bumped out of the Inbox due to lack of capacity
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • As always, the amount of time and trouble it would take for the developers to implement this idea
  • Some folks might possibly be upset over the idea that a copy of their private messages could be sent over email (although this really wouldn't be much different from, say, the recipient copying and pasting the text from their browser into an email message to himself/herself)
  • Although the maximum size for private messages isn't terribly large (10,000 characters, just over twice the maximum size of two comments), it could potentially take up valuable space in the recipient's email inbox =/
  • As this suggestion stands, it may not be possible for the recipient to reply directly to the private message via email; they might still have to do that via the web interface
Tags: notifications, notifications: email, private messaging, § implemented differently
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