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"Mark As Read" Option for Friends Page Entries

"Mark As Read" Option for Friends Page Entries

Short, concise description of the idea
There should be an option for users to mark entries on their Friends Pages as "read," which would result in those entries displaying as collapsed when they view their friends pages.

Full description of the idea
When I read my Friends Page, there are usually some entries I only look at once and others that I want to go back to, whether to read again or to check on discussions in their comments. Also, sometimes I read some entries right away when I go through my Friends Page and save others to read later; currently, I open these latter entries in new tabs in my browser, which results in lots and lots of open tabs.

I would like to have a way to mark entries on my Friends Page as "read." This would be a setting that only I could control or see; it would not affect how the authors of the entries view them, nor would they need to know about whether I have marked their entry as "read" (although, tangentially, maybe that could be used as part of a separate feature for people to find out how many people have read their entries). Entries that are marked as "read" would display collapsed by default when I view my Friends Page, although there should be an option to uncollapse them. Ideally, "collapsed" would not merely be an lj-cut, since that would be hard to distinguish from a regular lj-cut, but perhaps just a line with the username, subject line, date/time, and comment count.

An ordered list of benefits
  • A more flexible and organized way to read through one's friends page and keep track of one's friends' entries.
  • This could also be used if people would like to prevent a particular entry from displaying on their Friends page (due to length, large number of media causing slow load time, NSFW content, or any other reasons).
  • It would save server load because fewer entries would have to be loaded when someone opens their Friends page. (I am proposing that collapsed entries still count toward the number of entries displayed per page on Friends pages.)
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • I'm not well-versed in the technical details of how this would be implemented, but it sounds sort of complicated to me.
  • It would require storing each user's "read/unread" settings for each entry on their Friends page, which might cause server strain.
  • Some users might not like other users having the option of choosing to collapse their entries, even if it doesn't affect how the friends page would appear to the author of the entry in question.
Tags: entry viewing, friends page, friends page sorting, § no status
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