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Charts to keep track of progress

Charts to keep track of progress

Short, concise description of the idea
I'm looking for a way to use simple line charts and bar charts inside my postings.
A companion idea to this, is to allow charts in the columns of some of the lay-outs, and/or on the profile page, so that the progress is visible at all times, not just in a post that inevitably disappears into the past.

Full description of the idea
With the New year only a few hours old, I feel the need to keep track of the progress I've made with my New Years resolutions.

Charts could be a nice way to monitor things like weight loss, the amount of words typed for your new book/thesis/nanowrimo book, the amount of hours spend at the gym, the amount of money made for a charity, the the amount of comments/postings created by the user in LJ, the amount of cigarettes smoked after January 1st, the list is endless.

Charts should preferably be easy to update: add an extra value-pair and the chart evolves automatically. No new uploading, no manual redrawing.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Makes it easier for people to share their goals, the things they are excited about and their progress on them. LJ is all about sharing who you are and what you want.
  • It makes it easier to support friends in achieving their goals if you are updated on the progress.
  • People will achieve their goals better when they have to update their charts.
  • It will be lots of fun.
  • It will distinguish LJ from competing journals.
  • This is an idea that can start simple and has lots of options to build further, expand upon, create premium features.
  • Charts are the true international language. LJ is now more international than ever, it seems the thing to do.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • You'll have to think about how to make a chart easily maintainable, by just adding a new value pair or deleting/changing an old one. The solution would probably be to allow for input fields (table-like/excel sheet like) that are visible only for the poster and not for visitors.
  • This can get complicated if you allow for complicated chart types. So start simple: line charts and bar charts, and only one set of value-pairs (1 line in the line chart, not 25). It will fulfill the basic need. You can see how many people want to use it and expand the idea accordingly
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