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moving "change mood theme" site out of Customizations Wizard

moving "change mood theme" site out of Customizations Wizard

Short, concise description of the idea
allow setting a different mood theme without the rewriting of the user layer

Full description of the idea
with the new customizations area, there is currently no way to choose a different moodtheme without having the Customization Wizard overwriting the entire user layer.

this did not happen before. mood themes were chosen on a different site which allowed the user layer to stay untouched.

unfortunately, some people still put theme layer coding (e.g. functions, set statements like tags_aware) into the user layer, which would be lost every time they change their mood theme.
not even mentioning the resetting of the user layer name to the default "Auto-generated Customization", which is *very* annoying, IMO.

the option could still be accessible within the wizard, but on it's own site, and with the "save" button triggering different functions than in the rest of the wizard.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Inexperienced users of advanced customization are no longer wondering why they lose coding without ever touching the layers directly.
  • Less server load as mood theme changes would no longer cause an unnecessary rewriting of the user layer, and vice versa, the mood theme would not be set anew every time the user changes e.g. the colors.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • changed Customization Wizard design
  • code rewriting
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